This bookmarklet lets you save and fill form values, which comes in handy when testing a form that you have to reload repeatedly.

Click this link: storeForm to store or fill in the the values you've entered in the test form below. Bookmark it or drag it to your bookmark bar to use on any form!

These fields all have different names: These three fields have the same name: These checkboxes have the same name:
These checkboxes have different names:

This select control allows multiple selection, which we don't store:

It works with text and textarea, select, checkbox, and radio controls. It doesn't currently work with multiple-select controls... but when's the last time you used one of those?

Once the bookmarklet fills in the fields, you can edit them and select it again to update the saved data. You can clear a text field by saving it with only a "-", but this only works for text and textarea controls; once you save a checked box or radio button the only way to clear it from the saved data is to open the console and enter the command localStorage.removeItem('formData') – although on this page you can click this button to execute that command and clear the saved data now.

There is a formatted copy of the code in the source of this page, and you can click this button to run it.

Known bugs: